the kite of dreams

Restless and curious, artists and techies, thinkers and doers, we all have a common dream .. we want to be the sky!

IMIDOS is the kite that holds all our dreams doing a breakthrough masterpieces for our clients, and making
a fingerprint in the digital world.

We all get up in the morning with a hopeful feeling that we can make our dreams come true. We believe that something amazing happens when you connect the creative, most passionate people and unify them with a game-changing mindset; empowering entrepreneurial spirit, and encouraging the passion for making an impact.

Seeing it as our responsibility to keep the web moving forwards, is the reason we have created an environment that
fosters enthusiasm and lets everyone work to their full potential. Our differing points of view, cultures and backgrounds, disciplines, educations, skills and experience levels come together to strengthen our business and have a quantum effect
on everything we do.